Orb Droid Anti-Theft Lights

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Imagine an anti-theft light set that lived permanently on your bike. Imagine never forgetting your lights again…

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Key Features

Key Features

  • USB rechargeable with up to 20 hours constant battery life, and up to 40 hours on flash
  • The Droid is a high-quality CNC aluminium lightset, which fixes permanently to your bike
  • 120 lumen ‘be seen’ light
  • The front light integrates with the faceplate and stem, and helps prevent the theft of your handlebar and shifter components
  • 180 degree cutaways for side-visibility
  • anti-theft lights


About the Droid

Watch the short video above to answer all (or at least some) of your questions.

The Orb Droid lightset not only prevents your lights being stolen but, by using anti-theft bolts, also prevents component theft. Featuring a fully modular design with user-replaceable parts, the Droid is designed to last for years and minimise waste.

Check out our 90 second how to fit video here.

Will it fit my bike?

Will it fit my bike?

  • Designed to fit the widest variety of stems and seatposts
  • Front and rear light angles are adjustable up/down
  • Width between stem faceplate bolts must be between 12mm and 55mm (centre of bolt to centre). Faceplate bolts must be M5 size.
  • Bolts must enter stem at 90 degrees
  • Designed for 31.8mm bars
  • Distance between bolts must be the same for bottom two and top two bolts
  • Rear light comes in two bracket sizes: 27.2mm and 31.8mm
  • A shim/padding can be used for sizes in between this range
  • Stem and pinch bolts are M5 x 18mm, seatpost bolt M5 x 30mm



  • 120 lumens of light
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • CNC aluminium casing
  • Front light 72g, rear light 66g
  • Low battery indicator
  • 6-40 hour runtime depending on mode used
  • 8 different flashing and constant light modes



How are they anti-theft lights?

The Droid is bolted to your bike using anti-theft bolts, and because we provide the necessary bolts to secure other components, you can also protect your handlebars and shifters, and saddle.

Is the Droid waterproof?

Yes, the Droid is waterproof, and designed to remain on your bike in all conditions.

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Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions

Check out our 90 second how to fit video here.

Front light fitting

  1. Remove your current faceplate with a standard Allen key
  2. Hold your Droid light in place and gently thread all 4 bolts into place
  3. Carefully tighten the 4 bolts, evenly across all of them
  4. Tighten just enough to stop your handlebars rotating and no further – overtightening could cause fatigue followed by failure
  5. Do not overtighten, and if damaged do not use and contact us for replacement parts.

Rear Light fitting

  1. Choose the appropriate size hinged collar
  2. If necessary, make a shim out of old inner tube for the correct size and fit
  3. Tighten the bolt until light will not rotate on seatpost
  4. Do not overtighten, this could strip the aluminium thread.


Battery Runtime and Charging

Constant Low2520 hours
Constant Medium6011 hours
Constant High1206 hours
Flash Low2536 hours
Flash Medium6015 hours
Flash High1208 hours
Snake Mode(one LED full power)40 hours
Random Flash(one LED full power)36 hours

Charge time around 2 hours from flat

Red low battery light comes on at 20% battery

Red LED also on whilst charging, turns green when fully charged

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  1. Your customer service was great

  2. Been out on bike it’s very good

  3. Very impressed with the design of these lights. Bought a rear light after having previous lights stolen. This light is much better than the plethora of other lights on the market which all have similar flaws.
    The USB-C port is great and the included cable makes it really easy to charge with a power bank or plugged into a wall.
    Would recommend – worth the money.

  4. I have been using my Droid Anti-Theft lights for 20 months now without issue. I love both their form and function – they look so sleek when mounted, they shine brightly and hold their charge exceptionally well. The security bolts have also proven to be fit for purpose. I am writing the review now, as after a small prang I thought I would need to replace my front light due to damage, only to discover I could order the required spare parts from the website for a very low cost. A triumph for sustainability!

  5. I loved the dynamo lights on my old bike for easy commuting, but noticed the hub drag on weekend rides and struggled to justify the cost when I bought a new bike. These lights are a perfect and much cheaper alternative. Think they’re one of the few bike lights with USB C too.

    My gravel bars were too wide for the stem mount, so I used the included clip on bracket (not sure if this is standard?), which fits nicely with room for an out front stem mount for the Wahoo/GPS.

    Nice that it includes the security bolts too.

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