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Orb Droid Front Light (preorder)

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Imagine a light that lived permanently on your bike. Imagine never forgetting your lights again…

Preorder today to get £8 off and free shipping!

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Navigate to the Droid tab at the top of the page and watch the short video to answer all (or at least some) of your questions.

The Orb Droid Front Light not only prevents your lights being stolen but, by using anti-theft bolts, also prevents component theft. Featuring a fully modular design with user-replaceable parts, the Droid is designed to last for years and minimise waste.

– USB rechargeable with up to 20 hours constant battery life, and up to 50 hours on flash
– The Droid is a high-quality CNC aluminium light, which fixes permanently to your bike
– 120 lumen ‘be seen’ light
– The front light integrates with the faceplate and stem, and helps prevent the theft of your handlebar and shifter components
– 180 degree cutaways for side-visibility

Please note that the Droid was funded in Kickstarter in January 2020, and will begin shipping December 2020

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Black, Silver

Product Details

– 120 lumens of light
– USB-C rechargeable
– CNC aluminium casing
– Front light 72g, rear light 66g
– Low battery indicator
– 12-50 hour runtime depending on mode used
– 7 different flashing and constant light modes


UPDATED: The Droid is shipping December 2020

UK and NI – £3 Standard Shipping Free Shipping

Europe – £5 Standard Shipping

North America – £8 Standard Shipping


Q How is it anti-theft?

The Droid is bolted to your bike using anti-theft bolts, and because we provide the necessary bolts to secure other components, you can also protect your handlebars and shifters, and saddle.

Q Is the Droid waterproof?

A Yes, the Droid will be waterproof, and designed to remain on your bike in all conditions.

Q What battery life does the Droid have?

A On standard flash mode, the Droid lasts for 36 hours

Q Can I use my standard allen key bolts?

A Yes you can!

Q How many Lumens?

A 120 at full power, but it’s the spread of these that make the Droid so visible.

Q Can I see the road with it?

No, the Droid is designed as a ‘Be Seen’ light for Urban settings

What settings does The Droid have?

The Orb can be used on: full power constant, half power constant, pulse, and two separate flash modes.

Q Is it possible to adjust the angle of the light?

A Yes! The Droid has a 30 degree angle of adjustment.

Q How does it charge?

A We’ll be providing an extra long USB charging cable so that you can charge the Droid without ever taking it off your bike. Store your bike somewhere without power? A USB power bank will keep you topped up!

Q What if I lose the specialised tool for removing the anti-theft bolts?

A Not to worry, you’ll be able to order replacements both from us, and other online shops.

Q I want to buy a front light, but don’t want to fit it on the faceplate – is this possible?

A Yes, when you order, please leave a note confirming, and we will provide with a locking collar instead of the faceplate mount.


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