Orb and Bugsy 3

The Orb + Bugsy Lightset

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All the lights you need for urban riding, front, rear, and side – all USB rechargeable!

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Gives the rider visibility from 360°, keeping you safe and seen with unparalleled front, rear, and side lighting

This set includes:
1x Orb
1x Bugsy Front Light
1x Bugsy Rear Light

The Orb
– Orange – the colour of side visibility on the roads
– The Orb functions as a water bottle, but the lid contains four super-bright LEDs illuminating the bottle with over 70 lumens of light
– Allows drivers to see cyclists as they approach them from the side
– Makes use of the phenomenon of ‘bio-motion’ – by highlighting the pedalling motion of the rider’s legs, drivers  have been found to identify cyclists from over 3x further away
– USB rechargeable with 8 hours constant battery life, 16 hours flash

The Orb is made by cyclists for cyclists. The result is a top-quality product that cyclists will enjoy using every day. A product that people won’t just put on their bikes reluctantly, because they will feel safer, but something that even the most bike-image-conscious cyclist will really want on their bike.

Bugsy Lightset
Fix anywhere – silicon band and clip meant that you can mount this on handlebars, forks, bar bags, helmet, your jersey, or just about anywhere!

Any angle light display – the Bugsy is designed with non-angled mount, allowing you to put it anywhere without compromising on visibility.

180-degree visibility – at Orb, we care about side visibility so the Bugsy features 180-degree cutaways. When paired with The Orb, we reckon you’re going to have fairly unbeatable visibility!

– 100-lumen brightness ‘Be Seen’ light – this light may be small, but it packs a huge punch with 15 ultrabright COB LEDs
– Lightweight – at only  25 grams (+3 grams for the silicon strap) the Bugsy is perfect for the weight weenies out there
– Red charging indicator light, turns green when fully charged

Please note: The Bugsy has a rapid flash mode which should not be used whilst riding. This is for emergency situations only and should be used with care.


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