Double Orb

Double Orb


1/3 serious accidents are from the side. The Orb is designed to help prevent these accidents, by keeping you visible from every angle.

Two Orbs for even more side visibility at a £10 discount!

Free shipping with Royal Mail 48h when bought today!

SKU: Orb201


Get two Orbs for a discounted price!

1/3 serious accidents are caused by a side-impact from a vehicle. The Orb keeps you safe and seen from the side at night.

– USB rechargeable with 8 hours constant battery life, 16 hours flash
– The Orb functions as a water bottle, but the lid contains four super-bright LEDs illuminating the bottle with over 70 lumens of light
– Allows drivers to see cyclists as they approach them from the side
– Makes use of the phenomenon of ‘bio-motion’ – by highlighting the pedalling motion of the rider’s legs, drivers  have been found to identify cyclists from over 3x further away
– Orange – the colour of side visibility on the roads

Here at Team Orb, we’re so confident you’re going to love what we’ve got that we’re offering a 110% money back guarantee. Yep, you read that right, and we mean it.


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