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1/3 schwere Unfälle sind von der Seite, die Orb hilft sie zu verhindern, indem sie Radfahrer 360° Beleuchtung geben.



Most excellent idea..I bought 1 as soon as I saw on Facebook…and have been well pleased since


Thomas Clarke

The Orb is working great! I feel far more confident riding in the dark and it seems as though people are stopping sooner at crossroads



Amazing product! It makes me feel so much safer when I’m riding at night.



I love my orb it arrived today. What an amazing product and great idea. I will feel much safer riding through the winter months.



I cycle a few times a week so it’s good for me to have something that makes me safer. I drive a lot and I wish more bikes had orbs, they would be easier to see!



Great product! Used it several times now and feel much safer on the roads at night



I’ve been using the Orb every day for a few weeks now and it’s brilliant – knowing my side visibility has improved makes me feel much safer when out and about. It’s stylish and very well made too. The charge lasts for ages and it has a number of different settings – all in all, I would definitely recommend it.



Great bit of kit. I cycle commute about 80 miles a week in London and this helps drivers see me side-on. The Orb is well made, bright and with a decent battery. Happy to recommend.



Great idea, and well-executed product. Not too heavy and gives out a bright light (but not dazzling!). Plenty of admiring glances cycling through London in rush hour!  



I absolutely love my Orb, I cycle across central London every day and safety is always on my mind. Having the Orb makes me more visible to other road users and therefore more confident in my ride.  



Really great product – I now feel much safer at night!


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1/3 schwere Unfälle sind von der Seite, die Orb hilft sie zu verhindern, indem sie Radfahrer 360° Beleuchtung geben.

  • Wiederaufladbar über USB (Kabel im Lieferumfang enthalten), 8 Stunden konstante volle Leuchtdauer, 16 Stunden voller Blitz.
  • Orange - die Farbe der Seitensichtbarkeit auf den Straßen
  • Nutzt das Phänomen der Bio-Bewegung, indem die Pedalbewegung der Fahrerbeine hervorgehoben wird, wurden Fahrer entdeckt, um Radfahrer von über 3 x weiter entfernt zu identifizieren
  • In Großbritannien entworfen, zum Patent angemeldet, eingetragenes Warenzeichen.


  • 72 lumen licht
  • Wiederaufladbar über Micro USB
  • Gibt dem Fahrer Sichtbarkeit von 360°
  • BPA-freie 700-ml-Wasserflasche 
  • Passt in einen handelsüblichen Flaschenhalter
  • 5 verschiedene blinkende und konstante Einstellungen


Why is the Orb orange?

Orange is the colour of side-lighting on the roads. Lorries (trucks to you Americans), vans, trailers, buses, and some cars use orange side lights.

Can you drink from it?

Yes! The Orb is not just a light – it is BPA free, and has a capacity of 700ml.

Does The Orb work just as well with or without water in it?

Yes! The Orb works either way!

Do legs obscure The Orb when it’s on the bike?

No, just watch the video on the 'About' page for proof!

Will the LEDs heat up the water?

No, the LEDs we use are very efficient and have no effect on the water temperature.

What settings does The Orb have?

The Orb can be used on: full power constant, half power constant, pulse, and two separate flash modes.

Where do your accident statistics come from?

All statistics are referenced at the bottom of the page.


Transport Research Laboratory: Collisions involving pedal cyclists on Britain’s roads: establishing the causes J Knowles, S Adams, R Cuerden, T Savill, S Reid and M Tight




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