360° visibility for your bike

A 360-degree light within a normal 700ml water bottle that fits easily on your bike

New Orb

Our bike bottle light is lit by 4 super-bright LEDs for visibility from every angle


USB rechargeable, up to 48 hours of battery life and six different light modes



The Orb is a brand-new bike bottle light. It is designed for side visibility, helping prevent some of the 1/3 serious accidents that occur from the side.

But don't just take our word for it.


Amazing product! It makes me feel so much safer when I’m riding at night.



I love my orb it arrived today. What an amazing product and great idea. I will feel much safer riding through the winter months.



I cycle a few times a week so it’s good for me to have something that makes me safer. I drive a lot and I wish more bikes had orbs, they would be easier to see!



Great product! Used it several times now and feel much safer on the roads at night



I’ve been using the Orb every day for a few weeks now and it’s brilliant – knowing my side visibility has improved makes me feel much safer when out and about. It’s stylish and very well made too. The charge lasts for ages and it has a number of different settings – all in all, I would definitely recommend it.



Great bit of kit. I cycle commute about 80 miles a week in London and this helps drivers see me side-on. The Orb is well made, bright and with a decent battery. Happy to recommend.



Great idea, and well-executed product. Not too heavy and gives out a bright light (but not dazzling!). Plenty of admiring glances cycling through London in rush hour!  



I absolutely love my Orb, I cycle across central London every day and safety is always on my mind. Having the Orb makes me more visible to other road users and therefore more confident in my ride.  



Really great product – I now feel much safer at night!


The Orb in Detail

The Orb is a brand-new bike bottle light for side visibility. Four superbright LEDs cast light to 360 degrees. We also made The Orb USB rechargeable, because who uses batteries anymore?

The Stats

Most cyclists currently use only a front and rear light, but more than one-third of cyclists killed and seriously injured are hit from the side by a vehicle. You can improve your visibility without taking up any more space on your bike because this is not just a light, it's also a fully functional 700ml water bottle which fits in a standard bottle cage on your bicycle.


With its unique position in the centre of the bike, The Orb takes advantage of the biological motion of the rider's legs, which allows drivers to identify cyclists from over 3x further away.

Made for us all

The Orb was developed in London, and designed in the UK by and for bike commuters. We created The Orb after experiencing too many near-misses from vehicles approaching from the side. We believe that The Orb will help to reduce accidents at junctions, roundabouts, in traffic, and many more situations besides. We know that cycling in the UK is statistically safe, but it rarely feels it.

Our Vision

When designing The Orb, we wanted to create a bike light with great side visibility that cyclists won’t just put on their bikes reluctantly. We wanted to create a light that even the most bike-image-conscious cyclist will really want on their ride. The result is a product that we are really proud of. It's unique, high-quality, and most of all effective.

Ride with Confidence

Cycling around with The Orb on your bike at night, the 72-lumen orange light which surrounds you feels like a forcefield when you pass potentially hazardous areas and traffic.


The Orb secured funding through Kickstarter in December 2017. Receiving the support of a huge community of riders from all over the world. Road cyclists, commuters, weekend riders, mountain bikers, tourers, you name them they came and backed us. 


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